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Secrets to Selecting Your Shipping Method

We all like receiving packages in the mail. Especially if it’s coffee! Few things smell better than tearing the packaging tape and inhaling that first whiff of freshly roasted coffee. 

Of course, while receiving a package can feel like Christmas morning, sometimes shipping them can be a hassle. Especially when the options are confusing. 

But don’t stress– even if you are down to your last pot of coffee. Here are some tips to help ease the pain: 

  1. It’s okay to select the cheapest option. Really. I promise. USPS PRIORITY and USPS FLAT RATE take the same 2-3 days to arrive. The terminology can be tricky, but where we come from, coffee is always a priority. FLAT RATE A (1-4 pounds) and B (up to 6 pounds) are usually the least expensive and are just as quick as regular PRIORITY. 
  2. USPS is generally quicker and more affordable than UPS. Unless you’re ordering a larger quantity- 10 pounds or more for you true fanatics. If you select UPS, expect the delivery time to be closer to 7 days. Note: this option is not procrastinator friendly.
  3. There are price brackets. 1 – 4 pounds will ship in the same size box for exactly the same price. Let’s say I’m shipping 1 pound of coffee somewhere in California. It will cost me about $7. I can also ship 4 pounds of coffee to the same address for $7. Following so far? Good! Because we’re about to do some math. Stay with me. If I ship 1 pound, shipping costs $7 per pound. If I ship 4 pounds, shipping costs $1.75 per pound. Thus, it’s more cost effective to ship 4 pounds at once, rather than 1 pound more frequently. (Check out The Story on Storing Your Coffee.)
  4. Double check your shipping address. The last thing you want is to select your favorite brew and the perfect shipping method, then accidentally invert your street numbers and hook your neighbor up instead. Unless you like your neighbor. Then go ahead and send them some too. Otherwise, double check the digits.
  5. COMING SOON. *We’ll notify you via social media and on the web page when this feature is launched!* You can set up recurring shipments. If you’ve got your favorite brews locked down (or even if you select Roaster’s Choice), you can set up a subscription and have the order sent to you automatically. This will save you time and hassle. And your sanity. 

We are dedicated to making the ordering process as smooth as our coffee. If you have any issues placing your order, please contact us at [email protected] or (209)742-7339.

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