Happy Easter

I love Easter.

It’s a celebration of Jesus Christ fulfilling His Father’s promise of eternal life and a relationship with Him by becoming an unconditional sacrifice for us all. It’s also a time for families to come together and carry out traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

In our family, we not only hunted for Easter eggs on the lawn, we also searched high and low for Jelly Beans around the house. Some we didn’t find for months (much to mom’s amusement)! And Easter baskets filled with goodies weren’t simply handed to us, but were eagerly sought after with one limerick clue at a time.

Traditions not only bring us closer together, but even the mere memory can invoke the same emotions felt at that exact moment. As you might imagine, some of my favorite family traditions revolve around a piping cup of freshly roasted coffee.

From a young age, I’d wake up early in the morning and scramble down the stairs into the living room. I’d be greeted by the smell of just-brewed coffee and the sight of my parents enjoying a cup (or two or three) together. Still in my pajamas, I’d cozy up next to mom on the couch, while dad got up from his oversized chair and filled my very own tiny mug. For the next hour, we would sip our coffee and share stories until it was time to start the day. For most families, life is shared around the dinner table. But for an ever-on-the-go family packaging coffee until the evening, we shared life around morning coffee. And it’s a tradition I carry with me.

So as Easter springs around the corner, be grateful for your family (blood or chosen), hold tight to your traditions, and maybe make a few news ones!

From my family to yours,

Happy Easter!

-Rachael Krikorian

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