So Many Coffees, How Do You Decide?

If you’re new to coffee, or just new to our coffee, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which amazing roast to try first.

We understand and want to help you out a little! Here are a few simple steps to help you find your perfect match if it’s your first time here:

1. Do you want a regular coffee or a flavored coffee?

A regular coffee is only flavored by what comes naturally in the bean. Depending where and how the bean was grown and how it is roasted, we’ll be able to draw out different notes. Our “flavored” coffees have a little assistance from flavorings such as raspberry, kahlua, cinnamon… we get creative with these! Some people love having a slightly stronger “flavor” in their coffee, while others prefer just the straight up coffee taste  – you’ll have to decide for yourself!

(Personally, I like them all and usually have a variety on hand depending what mood I’m in!)

2. Do you want decaf coffee?

All flavors come in decaf, but only some regular coffees come in decaf. So make sure to check the decaf category next if you’re looking for a regular roast. 

If you’ve chosen to try a regular coffee…

3. Do you like a blonde, medium or dark roast? 

Blonde roasts can have stronger earthy flavors while dark roasts will draw out more of the chocolate, nut and berry tannins. A medium roast is a good middle ground for anyone unsure what they want!

Our lightest roasts are the Kona Blend and Guatemalan, though we do have a secret blonde roast, Legally Blonde, available on special request. Our most popular dark roast is French Silk, an all-around classic. And our signature house blend is the medium roast, The 49er Blend.

If you’ve chosen to try a flavored coffee….

3. Check out the different flavor categories, which sounds yummiest?

We have the coffees in the “Flavors” category organized by the predominating taste. For this part, you’ll just have to browse through and see what sounds the best to you! If you’re unsure how you’ll like a flavored coffee, Cinnamon Swirl is a good entry-level flavor. Cinnamon is a perfect compliment to the coffee, it’s a really common flavor to find in coffee and it comes off as slightly more subtle.

If you want to try something different and unique, the Mariposa Honey and Mariposa Blueberry are some of our most popular flavors. And if you want something super bold with a “wow” factor, try the Chocolate Cherry or Kahlua. 

4. When you add the coffee to your cart, choose your grind.

To help you pick the best grind for your needs, read this article next.

The best way to find the right coffee for you is to talk to an expert.

If you still haven’t decided what sounds the most delicious to you, give us a call (209-742-7339). Gerry is our master coffee roaster – he knows these coffees inside out! He is always available to answer your questions. The rest of our family can also help you out too, so don’t hesitate to ask!

As always, we hope you,

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