Thanksgiving Message 2023

Every. Single. Order…

As we approach Thanksgiving—a time to reflect and give thanks—we wanted to share why
we’re grateful for every single order and what they represent, both professionally and

We know every single customer, at one point in time, took a chance on us. Perhaps you
stumbled upon our shop in Mariposa or received a recommendation from a friend. Maybe you
saw our simple kraft bags in the coffee aisle and noticed the handwritten Enjoys above each

However you found us, we couldn’t be more grateful you gave us a try. 
For those of you who buy our coffee at your local grocery store, thank you! It’s not only a
privilege to be the coffee you serve at home, but your purchase also supports and strengthens
our relationship with local businesses like your favorite grocer.

To the customers who order faithfully online, we know you have endless options at your
fingertips. It means so much to us that you’ve chosen us as your go-to coffee amid the
countless brands available today.

To anyone who’s experienced a mistake on your order, thank you for granting us the opportunity
to make it right. We’re human, and mistakes can sometimes happen, but we’re committed to
you and our product. We love happy customers!

To our wholesale partners who serve Mariposa Coffee as part of your menu, we thank you for
the trust you’ve placed in us to uphold your business’ reputation. We take the responsibility
seriously and will strive to exceed your customer’s expectations and help your business thrive. 

Lastly, selling coffee has brought many, many people into our lives. Sometimes, it’s through a
visit to our store or a friendly conversation over the phone. Each new connection reminds us
what makes this industry special, and we love hearing stories about your recent visit to the shop
in Mariposa or how our coffee has impacted your life and family traditions. 

While we may be in the coffee business, selling coffee is so much more than transactional. It’s
building connections and a community, one cup of coffee at a time. 

Thank you for another year of business, for enriching our lives, and granting us the honor of
being your go-to coffee provider.

From the bottom of our hearts—and our cups!—Happy Thanksgiving!

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