Top 10 Ways to Fall-ify Your Coffee

It’s here, guys. Fall is finally here!

Of course, I drink coffee all year round. And I won’t ever say “no” to cold brew. But there’s something special about drinking coffee during the fall. Maybe it’s the cooler weather, the cozy knit sweaters, or the intoxicating smell of impending rain… whatever it is… it’s heaven. 

Which means my coffee obsession gets turned up a few notches. In a good way. 😉 

While a strong cup of bold, black coffee will always be my go-to, I have a little extra fun during the fall.

Here are my top ten ways to spice up fall’s favorite beverage: 

1. Go for a Flavor. The simplest way to infuse some autumn vibes into your cup o’ Joe, is to choose some fall-inspired flavors. Pumpkin Spice is the obvious (and delicious) choice. But Cinnamon Swirl, Southern Pecan, and Macadamia Nut are close runner-ups. Oh, and Caramel. And don’t forget Toasted Almond! Or Kahlua. Speaking of Kahlua…

2. Add a Little Somethin’ Somethin’.  Kahlua, Irish cream, and brandy are all yummy additions to take your coffee from “hello” to “helloooo there.” Now, I’m not your mother, but I’d recommend this little twist for your late afternoon cup, not first thing in the A.M. 

3. A Dash of the Good Stuff. I LOVE cinnamon. Cinnamon rolls are by far the best breakfast pastry (I’ll die on this hill). And I’d crown a snickerdoodle queen of the cookies any day. So, naturally, I love cinnamon in my coffee. This can be done in several ways. From cinnamon creamer to placing a cinnamon stick in the bottom of your mug. The easiest method is to add a dash straight to the coffee grinds before you brew. Then, close your eyes and inhale the spicy sweet aroma wafting your way. Ahhhh…

 4. Opt for Some of Nature’s Sugar. No, not honey. Although, it’s also delicious as a refined sugar substitute. But for fall, try maple syrup instead. Maybe it’s because I always picture the brilliant red, orange, and yellow leaves of its origin, but, to me, maple syrup is the perfect autumn sweetener. 

 5. Pumpkin Spice is Always Nice. And you probably expected to see it as tip #1. But I decided to plop it right in the middle. Because, while it’s undeniably scrumptious, it’s definitely not the only flavor fall has to offer. Again, like cinnamon, you can sprinkle the pumpkin pie spice blend right into the coffee grounds. Then, as long as it’s out anyway, try the recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake  featured in our November Newsletter. 

6. Nuts about Nutella. Chocolate and hazelnuts are a perfect pair. But they’re even better paired with coffee. Now, before you go scooping Nutella straight from the jar and into your mug (which you’re certainly free to do), thin it out first by simmering it over the stove with a splash or two of cream. Once it reaches a syrupy consistency, add it to your favorite brew! Then, if you happen to add a scoop straight from the jar and into your mouth, we won’t tell. 😉

7. Cardamom for a Kick.  Arab countries have been savoring the sultry flavor of cardamom in their coffee for centuries. Simply place a few cardamom seeds in the bottom of your mug, pour your coffee over the top, and enjoy! For an extra treat, try your hand at Turkish coffee.

8. Cha-Cha-Chai. Let’s continue the international coffee theme by pairing our coffee with the decadence of chai tea. Now, I get it- not everyone has an espresso machine. And that’s okay. You don’t have to (yet). Here’s an easy way to get all the flavor of a chai latte at home, without the coffee shop equipment. 

9. Some Like it Hot. Hot chocolate that is. If grinding your own chai tea spices with your coffee beans was too much work for you, here’s another fall inspired option that’s as easy as it is delicious. Simply stir the hot chocolate mix into your mug of coffee, add a splash of cream (if you like it extra rich), and you’ve got yourself the perfect autumn treat. Bonus: we happen to have the PERFECT hot chocolate blend for this (in store and on our website). 

10. Move over Pumpkin. Apple is making a play for fall’s favorite flavor. Now, I rarely play favorites. And pumpkin spice will always hold a beloved place in my heart, but I’m more than willing to make room for this drool-worthy addition. To make your own Apple Pie Syrup, it’s as easy as simmering apple juice or cider with brown sugar and spices of your choosing (nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, etc.) If you’d like it extra thick, sprinkle in some cornstarch. Once it’s simmered a few moments, drizzle the syrup in your cup of coffee, take that first sip, and fall into heaven. *wink, wink. Get it? Fall into heaven? Okay… moving on. While you’re at it, try this syrup on some pancakes, too!

Phew! We made it through all ten tips. Hope you enjoyed them! If you have any that I missed, please let us know on our Facebook page. Happy Fall!

And as always, 

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